TALA By Kyla, headed by 22-year-old Kyla Cañete, seems to have unlocked the recipe for captivating her generation

Kyla Cañete

Deep in the Metro South, several customers, mostly women, take turns trying on an assortment of accessories: rings, necklaces, and lockets, among others. TALA By Kyla (TBK), the homegrown sensation famed for its thematic jewelry collections, has unveiled its second flagship store at SM Molino – its first brick-and-mortar location under an SM property.

Customers in TALA by Kyla

Garnering 2 million followers on Facebook and an additional 800,000 on Instagram, TALA By Kyla is a top-of-mind jewelry and accessories brand, especially to its mostly younger audience. The leap from e-commerce to a physical location makes the brand’s influence more palpable; as collections consistently sell out on its website, so do droves of customers empty the shelves of its stores.  

A 2023 report by global trend forecasting firm WGSN indicated that certain sectors like the retail industry affected by the pandemic are expected to experience a resurgence in consumption. 

“With shoppers in the region driving a physical comeback in stores, savvier decision-makers will also be making decisions and purchases to enjoy life to its fullest—be it maximizing value by balancing quality and price or finding respite in luxury shopping and experiences,” a representative for WGSN told the Inquirer in an interview.

But with a multitude of options available, how do brands such as TALA By Kyla continue to captivate their respective buyers, even going as far as turning their customers into advocates themselves?

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