Five years after the debut of TALA by Kyla, the brand’s Gen Z CEO is still shooting for the stars. Here’s how she manages the growth of this ever-evolving brand today.

In the whirlwind world of fashion and business, TALA by Kyla burst onto the scene, redefining the way style intersects with affordability. Owned by 22-year-old Kyla Cañete, this local brand has navigated the e-commerce sphere, embracing trends, innovations, and challenges, leaving an indelible mark on the digital shopping experience for half a decade. In a market saturated with options, TALA by Kyla distinguished itself by offering not just necklaces, bracelets, and earrings, but an experience—an ethos that resonated with a vast audience.

Years after its internet-breaking launch, TALA by Kyla continues to shoot for the stars, dropping collections and riding the trends. Initially spotlighting how a young CEO kickstarted a life-changing venture, all eyes are now on how she’s steering this ever-evolving brand. Read on for our chat with Kyla as she spills the tea on this ongoing voyage and gives a peek into what’s coming up next for TALA by Kyla.


Thinking back to when TALA by Kyla started, how has your vision for the brand changed over time?

I like creating new things—whether from scratch or repurposing something. TALA is something that really awakens and fosters my creativity. As trends change over time, we also evolve according to what we want for our brand. We’ve gone from producing jewelry to exploring new product lines, but still making sure to nourish that creativity. 

Tala by Kyla Janet Kyle Canete     Tala by Kyla Janet Kyle Canete

What were the coolest moments that propelled TALA by Kyla’s success in the market?

We had collections that unexpectedly went viral on social media that translated to huge sales. The first one that blew up was the Baby’s Breath Necklace— every single piece was handmade and unique. After that, we started exploring more designs for pressed flower necklaces. There are also so many times that the collections get sold out just minutes after posting. 


You’ve been leading TALA by Kyla for some time. What crazy stories or lessons can you share from your experience?

It’s more fun doing this with people I can have fun with! Our meetings usually last six hours (minimum) because once we start getting into our flow, we just keep going. 

Tala by Kyla Janet Kyle Canete     Tala by Kyla Janet Kyle Canete


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