Storybook Necklace Plus Premium Box


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Introducing Your Storybook: Our first ever book-like piece where you can add your own text/photo! Tell a story, write a message, add your mantras and words of affirmations, you name it! You can even add your favorite lyrics if you want! 😉


Get it for ₱359 with a total of 2 sheets
Sheet 1: Cover, page 1
Sheet 2: page 2 and 3


You can add ₱59 for every additional sheet (maximum of 1 additional sheet only) 💫 Just don’t forget to inform us if you want an additional sheet ☺️
Maximum of 15 words per page 🤍


Please don’t forget to add the text that you want on the Notes section before placing your order! For photos, please don’t forget to email it to us✨


• Stainless Steel

• 18” with 2” extender

• Font cannot be changed